Aqua 4D System

Product Description

Biofilm : A major health problem in drinking water for animals

Biofilm is a thin surface layer built up by microorganisms in pipes in contact with water. In livestock, conditions are perfect for accelerated development of biofilm: low water flow, warm and non-sterile environment, deposits of lime scale, iron and manganese. Biofilm often harbour pathogens (E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter...) reducing the efficiency of disinfectants, medicines and vaccines. This increases the risks of digestive problems resulting in:

  • Increase of mortality rate.
  • Decrease of economical and technical parameters of the batch.
  • Excessive use of expensive products (acids, disinfectants, antibiotics).
  • Increase of labour and operational costs
Features of the Aqua-4D System Related Advantages Savings Gained
Removes Biofilms - Reduces or eliminates bacteria in water.

- Improves the efficiency of disinfectants, vaccines etc.
- Reduction in mortality rate and digestive problems.

- Reduces consumption of chemicals
Eliminates and prevents scaling, iron and manganese deposits Prevents clogging of the drinking water network, drinkers and pipettes. Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs
Helps to dissolve additives and medicines Reduces the risk of clogging with some products. Reduces maintenance costs, allows the use of less expensive products
Does not use chemical products Respects the environment - Pollution-free. Reduce the sanitary risks - Cost of chemical products

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