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Our products are of the best quality and highly effective in solving the main challenges facing the poultry industry ranging from respiratory diseases such as CRD, to enteric diseases such as necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis. Below are some of our products:

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Aqua-4D System

Category:  Water Treatment Solutions Used For:  Livestock

The Ecological Solution for the future.The Electromagnetic water treatment with Aqua-4D improves the solubility of the water and acts directly on the deposits in the drinking systems. Biofilm is detached and completely eliminated in a sustainable manner. In addition, the Aqua-4D system degrades and prevents deposits of lime, iron and manganese...

Vac-Pac Plus

Category:  Vaccine Stabilizers Used For:  Poultry

Vac-Pac Plus is a concentrated dry powder stabilizer with added color crystals. It stabilizes vaccines administered via drinking water and includes a dark blue dye. Vac-Pac PlusĀ® works faster and is safer for vaccines than effervescent tablets or milk products. It does not contain any products of animal origin. 100g jar stabilises 1000 litres of drinking water...

Avian Super Pack

Category:  Vitamins & Electrolytes Used For:  Poultry

High potency concentration of vitamins, electrolytes and essential amino acids with trace minerals for periods of stress and/or reduced feed consumption designed for drinking water of all species...